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Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM2) in Dallas TX | Hoogeveen Health Center

Understandably, many in Frisco and throughout the Dallas area remain under the impression that Chiropractic is limited to things like adjustments, decompression and massage.  You might be surprised at how far the treatment methods have progressed.  Ongoing research has inspired the development of advanced chiropractic treatments; many which offer remarkably fast relief.  ATM2, or Active Therapeutic Movement, is fast becoming one of the most popular.  Hoogeveen Health Center and Chiropractic in Frisco TX is one of the most trusted clinics for this innovative and highly-effective therapy.

ATM2 Rehab Therapy at a Glance…

One of the key reasons why pain and discomfort gets worse over time, is the slow, gradual weakening of the adjacent muscle groups.  ATM2 is an innovative exercise-based treatment for pain and injury recovery, that works by targeting problem areas to rebuild compromised tissues and expedite natural healing.  Perhaps the most fascinating aspect, many have seen impressive results in a soon as five minutes.

The therapy itself is quite simple in nature, here's how ATM2 works:  Standing with your back to the unit, your Chiropractor will place you in a comfortable, weight-bearing position where you're functionally free of pain.  Once positioned, you'll then perform a series of low-impact resistance movements that have been specifically designed to reset the muscle activation pattern within your central nervous system.  As you continue to perform the exercises, the pain levels fade and your range of motion becomes more functional.  Subsequent sessions will assist in preventing muscles from firing abnormally, for ongoing strength and comfort.

Who Can Benefit from ATM2 Therapy?

To date ATM2 has been used successfully by everyone from students and construction workers, to professionals, parents and competitive athletes.  It is most commonly utilized to treat those who are suffering with back pain, neck pain, shoulder and rotator cuff injuries, knee pain and many other conditions.  If you've been unsuccessful in treating chronic pain in the past, we encourage you to see why so many in Frisco have found relief through ATM2 therapy.

Discover the Benefits of ATM2 in Frisco TX

For more information of how ATM2 treatment may be able to help treat your back pain and neck pain, call Hoogeveen Health Center in Frisco TX at (972) 335-7994 to set up an appointment.