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Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment From Our Frisco Chiropractor

If you are ready to find back pain relief today, our Frisco chiropractor is here to help. We strive to provide complete chiropractic care using the latest technologies and adjustment methods. Whether you suffer from lower back pain, sciatica, or upper back pain we can help you here at Hoogeveen Health Center. Discover what you can expect to find when getting treatment for your upper or lower back pain.

Man with back pain in frisco before seeing a frisco chiropractor for back pain relief

Common Types of Back Pain Seen by Your Chiropractor in Frisco

Back pain will arise in one of three areas. Most people suffer from low back pain, commonly associated with sciatic nerve pain or herniated discs. You can also suffer from back pain in the middle of your back, but this is less common. For neck pain this often accompanies upper back pain in the cervical spine. Here in the upper back are seven vertebral segments that make up the neck vertebrae. These are smaller, more delicate, and more likely to get repositioned, thereby requiring a chiropractor to adjust them for back pain relief. Each of these areas of back pain can be treated successfully using our techniques here at Hoogeveen Health Center.

Causes of Back Pain

Even if you have an active lifestyle that involves sports and recreation, you can suffer from back pain. This is often caused by sports injury or over excursion, as well as poor form during performance. By going to a chiropractor for regular adjustments you can protect your back from suffering due to sports or exercise. Another cause of back pain is due to poor posture or form. This is especially noted in office settings or work environments without ergonomic solutions in place, such as at computer monitors and desks. In poor posture or ergonomic situations, your back ends up suffering from improper use of your back muscles. Other reasons for back pain include being in an auto injury or having a personal injury. We treat each of these injuries at your chiropractor in Frisco TX.

Treating Back Pain in Frisco

Here at Hoogeveen Health Center in Frisco, Texas, we treat back pain using comprehensive chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, and alternative treatments are ideal for getting you up and moving again. We believe in the all-natural approach that does not involve prescription painkillers for back pain. Furthermore, our chiropractic methods help you avoid back surgery for your treatment. Using specialized techniques including pro-adjuster chiropractic therapy, kinesio taping sessions, and cold laser therapy we will have you back up and moving in no time. 

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If you are ready to pursue a life free of back pain, let Dr. Hoogeveen, your chiropractor in Frisco help! Here at Hoogeveen Health Center, we provide chiropractic care using neurology and nutrition for a holistic approach. Contact our office at (972) 335-7994 to schedule your back pain treatment.